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Flow meter, transmitter for aggressive media, liquid,gases

Fischer Germany FB39 Flow transmitter for aggressive media

Flow transmitter based on the differential pressure principle with integrated orifice and ceramic pressure sensors, housing and process connection made from high-quality plastic.
The flow transmitters in this series are suitable for diverse measuring tasks in electroplating and in treatment plant for drinking, potable, process and waste water.

Setup and action
The metering section, consisting of an orifice with differential pressure tapping holes, is grouped together with two pressure sensors and the electronics in a joint housing.
The flow-dependent differential pressure arising at the orifice is measured by the two pressure sensors and converted into a standard electronic signal.
Chemically resistant plastics for the components in contact with the measured medium and the pressure sensors made from highly pure ceramic enable use in plants with aggressive media.

Main features

  • Robust design
  • Resistant against aggressive media
  • Measuring cell made from 99.6% AL2O3 ceramic (coated)
  • Compact design
  • No moving parts
  • Flow-proportional output signal
  • Plant pressure possible as second output signal


  • Process, Chemical, Paints, Fertilizer
  • Plant Engineering
  • Marine, Shipping, Ship Breaking
  • Process Industries
  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Heavy Oil, Hydrocarbon, Refinery
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Treatment, Sewage Plant
  • Refrigerant, HVAC
  • Automobile
  • Thermal, Hydro, Power Plants, Boiler, Steam Turbines
  • Nuclear power plants
Accuracy ± 3% within the calculation point, 80% of the max. flow (cf. diagram)
all. ambient temperature 0…60 °C
all. continuous medium temp. 0…60 °C
Pressure range 3 bar static
Differential pressure 600 mbar
Electrical connection 4 pole standard plug to EN 175301 -803-803-A
Display 4 digit LED

(only in conjunction with clip-on display)

Degree of protection IP65 to EN 60529
Materials of parts in contact with media PVDF/Viton®
Housing material Polypropylene PP

Polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF


Measuring range [m3/h] 0.75…3.0 1.25…5.0 2.0…8.0 3.0…12.0 5.0…20.0 7.5…30.0 10.0…40.0
Nominal size [DN] 15 20 25 32 40 50 63
Connection thread [inch] G 1 G 1 ¼ G 1 ½ G 2 G 2 ¼ G 2 ¾ G 3

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