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Beck differential pressure transmitter for HVAC, air filter monitoring

differential pressure transmitter

Beck sensor Germany offer high-quality switches and transmitters supplied by Intelligent Gas Alarm India for measuring and control of pressure, differential pressure, vacuum pressure for air and non-aggressive gases.

Beck sensor is world renowned company for pressure switch and transmitter for air and non-aggressive gases.

Beck offer high-quality Differential Pressure Transmitter (984m.8x) with following features:

  • used to measure differential pressure, overpressure and vacuum.
  • provide 2 pressure ranges and 2 output signals, which are selectable using a jumper.
  • Measuring range: 0 -250 kPa
  • Output signal : 4- 20mA or 0-10V
  • with or without display


  • Monitoring of gaseous, non-aggressive media. Possible usage areas are:
  • Building automation, air conditioning systems and clean room monitoring
  • Valve and flap control
  • Filter, ventilator and blower monitoring
  • Control of air flows
  • HEPA filter, air filter monitoring

Application industries:

  • building ventilation
  • medical, clinic, OT, ICU
  • clean room
  • pharma industry
  • datacenters, server rooms
  • R & D facility, labs
  • food industry, cold storage, ripening chambers
  • food process industry
  • Beverage industry


Intelligent Gas Alarm India Pvt. Ltd.


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