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Ripening Chambers, Cold Storage &Food perishability

In cold storage both the power cost and perish-ability are big issues. Even a small improvement in these can go a long way. All my suggestions address both these issues primarily. In addition – as you may be aware – GOI is formulating statues for Commercial Refrigerant Leak issues – these effect the Environment adversely. I’ll outline the application possibility from each of these points separately:


Apart from the Environmental point of view – the whole efficiency of the cooling system depends on the Refrigerant. Invariably there is leakage in the system – some of which cannot be plugged but most of it can be plugged. If there is leakage – the efficiency will go down and the compressors will have to work more to compensate the loss of efficiency. This will add to power cost. Since the Cooling is affected – this will also contribute towards the perishing/rotting cycle/duration of the stored items. By using Refrigerant leak detection systems – the user will save on the Refrigerant Cost, Power Cost and will benefited by the increased efficiency of the system resulting in longer storage life and less rotting. In this way the system will be able to pay-back for itself. Apart from this the project will be Future Ready in terms of Government Compliance as far as Refrigerant Compliance is concerned.


Inside the cold storage – the food and vegetable products have their own breathing processes and emit a no of gases. It depends on the stored product what the composition of the gas is. In all cases – the method used conventionally is ventilating the area at night. This is generally a manual process and unprofessional. It has many disadvantages as well – like loss of temperature over the extended ventilation period. Since the ventilation is only in the Night – during the daytime the unwanted gases keep on building in the storage area. It has a contrary effect on both the crop and personnel. By installing automatic climate control technologies – which will depend on the products stored – the whole system will be automated taking care of all the contrary factors. It will directly affect the Power Costs and Storage life.


We also address these issues if the client is interested – with very advanced systems – fully integrable with all the above sensors/systems. Otherwise the existing system for temp and/or humidity control can be used. All this can be combined in to a single system and the process automated for most professional control. Around the world these are standard trade practices adopted by cold storage operators.

Install MSR Electronic refrigerant, freon, ammonia, co2 leakage detector to reduce power consumption and save environment.

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