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Parking and enclosed space ventilation system and energy saving

GasAlarm Marketing Parking ventilation system and carbon monoxide monitoring in enclosed area and parking area

Parking area:
Measuring parameters need to be measured and controlled, at parking area:
• CO (carbon monoxide) for petrol vehicles
• CO (carbon monoxide) and NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) for diesel vehicles

It is advisable to measure and monitor NO2 if parking area caters to diesel vehicles also.

Calculation of No. of Sensors / Measuring points:
• Number of CO sensor depends on many factors, such as: N = (L/W) * sqrt(A/1000)
– Floor area of parking space:
– Load at Exit & Entry to parking space: N = N+1 ,
for exit and entrance (only one more if exit, entrance are same)
Parking space to be used by public or bulk transport vehicles: N = N +1, at unloading bay.
Where N = no. of CO sensor, L = length of parking space ( in mtr), W = width of parking space ( in mtr), A = area of parking space ( in sq mtr)

Selection of sensor technology:
Sensing technology available:
– Infra-red based
– Electro-chemical based
– Solid state semiconductor based
Infra-red based sensor (Not Available for all Gases) provide high accuracy but are expensive, while solid state Sensors are cheap but provide false readings, high gas cross-sensitivity, produce false alarm.

Connection topography:
Star Connection for analog system

Bus Connection for digital system
Consultant or system designer can choose and design:
• Branch topology
• Tree topology

Connection Topography design & selection:

Sensors (Measuring Points) + Controller / PLC / BMS/ SCADA system
Topography preference/recommendations
• Star connection if sensors <> 20
Bus connection will drastically compensate the cost of digital system, and ease of managing/controlling the sensors, hence overall cost of project will come down as compared to analog system.

MSR Electronic Analog system:

MSR CO Sensor AT-02-1110
– 0-300 ppm meas. Range, Electro-chemical technology based sensor
– Continuous monitoring
– Low zero point drift
– Poisoning stable
– Long life sensor
– Modular plug-in technology – for PCB, sensor element, enclosure
– Easy maintenance / calibration
– Reverse polarity, Overload protected
– IP65 protected enclosure
– 4 – 20 mA analog signal output (Standard)
– Response time t90 < style=”font-weight: bold;”>MSR Electronic Digital system:

MSR Analog / Digital Sensor ADT-03-1110
– 0-300 ppm (50-2000 ppm optional) meas. Range , Electro-chemical technology based
– Digital measurement value processing incl. temperature compensation
Serial interface RS-485 with modbus option
– Calibration – manually or with system tools
– Continuous monitoring
– Low zero point drift
– Good stability to poisoning
– Long life sensor, Modular plug-in technology, Easy maintenance
– Comfortable calibration with selective access release
– Reverse polarity protected, overload and short-circuit proof
– (0) 4 – 20 mA / (0) 2 – 10V analog signal output, jumper selectable
– IP65 protected
– Manual calibration via potentiometer
– Manual addressing for RS-485 mode

MSR Electronic Digital Controller DGC-05 series
– Control up to max. 12 meas. Point in basic model, up to 98 meas. Point with help of expansion module
– For monitoring CO, CO2, NO, NO2, NH3, O2, SO2, H2S, CL2, ETO combustible- and refrigerant gases
– Auto diagnostic watch dog with built-in error codes, fault LEDs – Serial interface RS-485, with modbus option
– Simple and comfortable commissioning by configuration with standard parameters
– Logical system menu
– Flexible configuration by programmable parameters
– Five free adjustable alarm thresholds for each transmitter
– 4 relays with SPDT, potential-free, max. 250 VAC, 5A
– Fault relay with SPDT, potential free, max. 250 VAC, 5A
– 4 analog outputs, 4 to 20 mA
– VDI – 2053 conform
– Shapely, durable housing
– Apart from state of the art sensors – MSR controllers offer easy control options in plain English to manage the sensors

– The various parameters controlled by them include – relay output options for controlling the fans, audio-visual alarms, 4 user selectable thresh hold levels for each MP, sensor and circuit fault/status monitoring, continuous flashing gas level indication for each MP, password protection of programming function etc.

– Both Analog and Digital system has the above capabilities
– In case of MP > 20 the cabling cost and the related programming cost with the cost of providing relay packages becomes detrimental and using our digital controller with digital sensors and bus connection can be advantageous

– final choice to be made by consultants after taking all design factors in account.

– Controller Housing and Relay requirements to be chosen carefully – many options possible. Even Zoning technique can be used to bundle different MPs, in case of limitations of relay availability/specifications
– a combination of Contactors/relay/zoning can be used to get the optimum result

Gas Alarm Marketing Pvt Ltd.
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